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Fundraising for New Chairs

A little bit of context

You may have now had the opportunity to see and experience our wonderful new Village Hall with its 2 function rooms, spacious kitchen and excellent facilities - a fantastic community resource for us all to enjoy.

While the building was given to the Parish Council as part of the Abingworth development, it is our responsibility to provide all the appropriate equipment for our users.

But there’s a problem

We brought the chairs from the old village hall as a short term solution but they are very heavy to carry, difficult to store, in many cases are quite well worn and we simply don’t have enough for all our guests!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are now raising funds to buy 120 new chairs that are comfortable, stackable and easy to move.

We would also like to purchase an additional 20 chairs with arms to help our guests with mobility difficulties feel comfortable while at the hall and to make it flexible for all our users.

You can join us

Chairs are not cheap! We have done lots of research on chairs and have had a sample chair at the Hall for our current users to try.

We have negotiated a very competitive quote of £3,500 to cover the cost of the chairs and two trolleys for moving them around.

Are you able to help by sponsoring a chair? Any donation is gratefully accepted however if you would like to fund a chair (or chairs!), an individual chair costs £27 and a chair with arms is £35.

Thank You

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